Maxime, McDuff and McDo


Please join Cinema Politica Fredericton in partnership with the Fredericton Industrial Workers of the World and Fredericton District Labour Council for a screening of the documentary film “Maxime, McDuff and McDo.” The screening will take place Friday November 30th from 7:00-9:00 at Conserver House (180 St. John Street). Members of the IWW will be there to lead a discussion along side a representative of the FDLC.


This is the story of two young men, Maxime and Pascal, who sow the wind and reap a storm. Things quickly get out of control when these two employees attempt to form a union at a Montreal McDonald’s. Their initiative to form a union at a Montreal outlet of McDonald’s fast food empire, famous for its ‘McJobs’ and its ferocious resistance to unions, sets off a series of events that quickly get out of control. Faced with continuous pressure from their boss, their workmates, their families, the union and the media, the two young men have to work hard to keep their enterprise on track.

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From our IWW family in Southern Maine!

Southern Maine IWW

The Wobbly Fish

by x365097

Two hundred years ago, the Industrial Revolution made major changes to the the way people work. Wherever it spread, the capitalist factory system put pressure on the feudal agricultural system to adapt, and many social traditions were strained. Some of the countryside was privatized, and many people who had previously grown their own food and made crafts by hand had to move into the cities to find jobs that paid wages.

Many of the new jobs in the capitalist workplaces were miserable, and workers who didn’t like being exploited produced a number of responses. Some workers formed cooperative businesses in which everyone voted on what to do with the profits. Other highly skilled workers — shoemakers, for instance — formed craft unions to protect their livelihoods from the cheaper competition coming from the capitalist-controlled factories.

Both of these systems were able to protect their followers from exploitation to…

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