Fundraiser for Sodexo Employees

It is excellent to see conversations on picket lines get turned into action. A step in the right direction for greater solidarity on campus.


UNB management scaled back food services for the three weeks of strike/lockout, a decision which has resulted in considerable financial hardship for a significant group of workers: out of approximately 88 employees, only fifteen or so of the most senior maintained close to their usual hours. Of the rest, some were obliged to initiate EI claims early, which will result in reduced or no income over the summer period when they usually count on EI, and others didn’t even have enough hours to initiate a claim. CUPE has given them strike pay despite their not actually being on strike or locked out themselves but that only came into effect ten days after the beginning of the job action.

Many of our members have expressed concern for these workers and indicated their willingness to contribute financially. AUNBT has undertaken to administer such a fund. We are looking into various online options…

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