UNB Strike Support Day 3 & 4 Update

The Fredericton IWW had another 7:20am morning on the picket line.

At 5:00pm Wobblies joined some English and Education graduate students in picketing UNB President Eddy Campbell’s mansion. The students brought pots and pans for noise making and held signs for passing cars.



Riffing off a tune from The Larks, the students chanted “EDDY EDDY EDDY OUT OUT OUT” and walked around the driveway. Flipagram of walk around: http://flipagram.com/f/ZqKVKDfaz0

The students decided to leave the sign “Nice Porch Eddy” on the driveway pillar. (referring to the porch expense controversy last year http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/unb-pays-160k-to-fix-porch-on-president-s-mansion-1.1227079 )


Day 4

Wobblies arrived at the UNB front gates an hour before the rally at noon to spend some time on the picket line.


During the rally, AUNBT asked for supporting unions in the crowd to give messages of solidarity over a speaker phone.


At the rally, members collected student emails to facilitate future student action in support of AUNBT.


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